We, Bargain n Book (BnB Travel Community) are a unique travel community aiming to provide a travel experience free from high hidden charges, commissions and fee charged at each step of a journey. It results in discounted prices for traveller, more profit margins for service providers (Travel Agents & Hoteliers) and a value for money experience for both the parties.

We are a transparent user friendly platform which facilitate direct interaction between Service Providers (Travel Agents/Hotels/ Bus owners/ Cab Owners/ various other travel services) and Travellers/ fellow service providers. We empower Indian travellers with the right to bargain n book by providing comprehensive choices of all kinds to choose from. Our all-benefitting all connecting approach includes promotion of the services with our affordable but very efficient marketing programs.

We focus on the B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B2C (business to business to customer) as a marketplace & distribution channel for various travel services with a view to facilitate our platform to each and every class of customer as well as service providers by providing ground level customization and bargaining option wherein the Customers can directly co-ordinate with the service providers with an option to book & manage their bookings on their own or with the help of our dedicated relationship managers.

We are neither a Travel/Tour Operator Company nor Travel Agents/Middleman.

We are unique and unified Portal with a vision to eliminate the commission agent, enhancing the professionalism in tour management and ensuring the best travel experiences to all Travel Aspirants.

Our Vision : Establishing a Commission free platform for all kinds of travel services

Our Mission : Elimination of all kinds of Hidden Costs and ensuring value for money

Our Action : Facilitating a Portal  to all Travel Service Providers & Travel Aspirants

We are a one stop solution for everything that a travel agent needs, which not only includes providing the travel leads but also the other necessary associated services. We Create and promote attractive packages, work on generation of travel leads, provide experts support team, IT support, business registration, income tax solutions and all other kinds of corporate solutions.

We understand the need of travel aspirants and based on those leads we offer customized packages, competent quotes and best offers from our verified and registered travel partners.
Our Expert team is always there to Support our Members.

We are totally different from various Travel Companies :
:- We offer direct interaction between Travel Agents and Travel Aspirants
:- We don’t charge high commissions and hidden charges
:- We promote packages of agents in their name only

:- No Hidden Charges
:- Best competitive price to Travellers and Travel Agents
:- Direct Communication between Travel Service Providers and Travel Aspirants
;- Providing Multiple option Under one roof
:- In-house dedicated team of professionals
:- In-house SEO experts & Social Media Experts

and Many More

We are offering various exciting benefits to our travel agents :

:- No Commission or Hidden Cost
:- Complete Transparency
:- Enhanced Profitability
:- Not Only uploading but also promotion of Packages
:- Expert Support & Dedicated RM
:- Complete Corporate Solution (Income Tax, Business Registration,TM,MSME etc.)
:- Option to add associated Hotels/Trips/Events
:- B2B Services to our members
:- Professionalism in Tour Management
:- Proper Complaint Resolution System
:- Ensuring “Right at the Moment” Service
:- Large Reachability to Travel Agents
:- IT Support
:- Office Management Service
:- 100% Verified Travel Leads

And Many More

Travel Lead covers the requirement of the traveller, who is desirous to go on a trip.

Travel lead cover the following requirement:
i. When to travel
ii. Where to travel
iii. Number of people
iv. Duration of trip
v. Type of Query
vi. Contact details of Traveller

When we get all the above details, only then we call it a travel lead.

Steps for Travel lead Control

i. We have a very strict protocol for lead verification
ii. All Travel leads are duly verified by our agents before uploading the same on our Portal.
iii. If we find out that any travel lead is fake then we immediately remove that lead from our portal.
iv. We do not share travel leads with too many travel agents.
v. We immediately remove those travel leads which have already been assigned to one of our members.
vi. Sharing a specific lead with very limited number of agents, increases the possibility of closing it well. Travel aspirant does not get confused with too many options not fulfilling the exact demand, rather his contact is given to only those agents which cover all the areas of demand made by the travel aspirant.

Our business is focused on making the travel activity beneficial to both Travel Agents and Travel Aspirants. We do not charge any kind of commission from our Agents. All the bookings/leads are free from any such kind of commission, hence travel agents can ensure to provide the best competitive prices to the customers.

We focus on providing a tour package which is free from all kinds of commissions or hidden costs that are charged on many similar travel portals which increase the price of a package. We do share the exact information with complete contact details of Travel Agents on our portal and maintain complete transparency.

We ensure that, whatever amount the customer is paying for any service, will directly & entirely go into the pocket of the Travel Agents, without any deduction.

Our philosophy is that travel deal is between Travel Aspirants and Travel Agents, hence the price which is being paid by the Travel Aspirant is solely for the services of Travel Agents. Therefore, whatever the price is being paid by the Travel Aspirant should go directly and entirely in the pocket of Travel Agent and no one should deduct anything from that in the name of hidden cost or commission

We are a one stop solution for all the needs of Travel Agents and Travel Aspirants.
We ensure complete transparency in dealing & bookings between the Travel Agents and Travel Aspirants.
Our philosophy is that a Travel Aspirant and Travel Agent should be well aware of each other and no middleman should interfere between the privity of contract between those parties.

We are here to help our Travel Agents to enhance their profitability and to scale up their business in order to compete with the big market players, who are completely focused on their profitability.

Eg. A big Hotel Booking Portal usually charge 30-40% of booking amount as commission, which results in higher cost to Travel Aspirants and low profit margins to Travel Agents.

These kind of business models are basically made by some big Travel Companies  for their own benefits  and small & mid sized Travel Agents/Hotels are suffering for a good profit margins on bookings.

Expert Support: We ensure expert support to our members for the following purposes:

  • Familiarization with our Portal

  • Familiarization & promotion on Social Media Platforms

  • Listing & promotion of Tour Packages

  • Enhancing profitability

  • Dedicated RM: We provide a dedicated RM to each of our Member for following responsibilities:

  • Managing their profile

  • Managing relevant Travel Leads

  • Resolution of queries

  • Handling queries on Tour Packages/Hotels etc

  • We are not only focused on one segment of travel industry, we believe more diversity leads to higher growth and higher profitability. Hence, we are also providing option to earn from multiple aspects relating to travel.

    Which includes the followings:

  • Hotels: our members can also add associated hotels with their name so that they can enhance their profitability

  • Trips: Our Members can also add their Upcoming Group Trips on our portal, with their name

  • Events: Our Members can also add upcoming events, on our portal
  • We are here for enhancing the reachability of our members and to help them build a reachability on PAN India basis. Eg. A Travel Agent of Rajasthan, get a booking for some different destination other than his expertise destination, in that case the agent has two options,

    • Loss that booking

    • Give that booking to other agent

    • But we are here with a third option, in which our member can handle those booking with the help of our other members by availing complimentary services Hence, in addition to B2C Services, we also provide the B2B services to our Members;

    • Connecting Travel Agent with Other travel Agents

    • Connection travel Agents with Hotel owners

    • Connecting Travel Agents with travel Companies

    • Connecting Travel Agents with Bus Operators

    • Connecting travel Agents with Cab Service Providers

    Currently large number of Travel Agents are managing their travel business like the traditional ways like designing packages on word/paper, manually handling tour services etc.

    We are Moving a step further from traditional tour management system to modern & more professionally managed tour system, we are promoting professionalism in tour management

    We are a Community of comprising of number of Travel Agents/ Tour Operators/ Hotels/ Travel Companies/ transporters/ Activities Planners.  When any of our member gets into any trouble while delivering the services then we can help our members to provide the next best option through our other members.

    Like our travel Agent A had booked a honeymoon package for a couple. But the hotel associated with Agent A mistakenly sold out all rooms or there occurred some issue with booked hotel room, and that hotel could not provide check-in to the customer.In such case, Travel Agent A can contact their RM and the RM can search the Next best option in the same locality. This way, agent can deliver the full package with the help of other registered members’ hotel.

    We help our member to focus only on the business by providing all the ancillary support services relating to business. Those services are divided into three categories

    Information & Technology Support

  • Development of customized Website

  • Promotion of Website

  • Maintenance & Updation of website

  • SEO Services

  • Social Media Management Services

  • Registration, Taxation & Corporate Solution Service

  • Company Formation, NGO Registration, PAN/TAN/GST etc.

  • Filing of Income Tax Return/GST Return/TDS Returns

  • Annual Filings / Returns preparation & Presentation

  • Legal Documents

  • Legal Support

  • Office Management Services

  • We also provide the Office Management Services to our members

    Example- It is quite expensive for small & medium sized Agents to set up a high cost office space or hire a well trained staff. Hence we are here to offer a solution for this problem. We are providing a well-structured Office Space along with a trained dedicated Staff who will handle everything for their respective travel agent. He would be Handling Agent’s Social media, handling website, Handling Tours, dealing with travel Aspirants, providing customer support, etc.